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Zhejiang Yongan Rongtong Holding Shares Company Limited was established in 1998. After merely several years of development, it has become a fabric manufacturer with advanced technology and comprehensive equipment in the People's Republic of China. Located in Zhejiang Province, the group Company is mainly engaged in research and development (R & D) , manufacture and sales of woven fabrics. Its development strategy is to provide high quality woven fabrics to clients customers, in particular to overseas markets. 

The Company is dedicated to expand the overseas fabrics markets with high potential by providing quality woven fabrics to customers. Through the co-operation with DuPont China, the Company has established the first technological research center of its kind in the PRC. It is then capable of developing at least eight types of new fabric products annually, boosting its sales and profitability substantially. The Company's products are exported to various overseas markets such as the United States, Europe, Japan, South Africa, Hong Kong and some Arabic countries. The Company's excellent quality control process and systematic management procedure were accredited with an ISO9001-2000 certification.